Efield® - product structure

Based on a 10 year research project in cooperation with industry Efield® offers

  • complete and integrated state-of-the-art environment for electromagnetic simulation
  • all codes are parallel
  • high standard GUI
  • import of CAD geometries from all major systems
  • CAD tools for repairing & building geometries
  • post-processing with 3D visualization

Efield® FD

This module includes parallelized frequency domain simulation capacity with extensive functionality. Efield® FD is suitable for medium sized problems on a workstation with parallel processing up to maximum 4 processes/threads.

Efield® FD hybrid add-on

The FD hybrid add-on module extends the application area to large problems i. e. too large for standard MoM. The module includes both Physical optics (PO) and the Multi-Level Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM).

Efield® TD

This module is the basic time-domain module with the parallelized Efield® FDTD solver on Cartesian grids with tartan meshing.

Efield® TD hybrid add-on

The Efield® TD hybrid add-on adds the Efield® FDTD-FEM hybrid solver for unstructured grids. Generating hybrid meshes is an automatic process controlled by the GUI.

Efield® parallel add-on

This is an additional option to the previous described options which gives the user access to parallel processing for more than 4 processes/threads.

Request our white paper giving a detailed description our software here.

Geometry modeling and repair

Mesh generation and EM solver GUI

Result visualization