Efield® Waveguide Modesolver

The waveguide modesolver is used for computing waveguide eigenmodes to the Efield® time domain (EfieldTD) solvers or to the Efield® frequency domain (EfieldFD) solvers for waveguide and antenna applications. Waveguide eigenmode expansions are also used as absorbing boundary conditions for RCS simulation of perfectly matched antennas or RCS simulation of large open-ended cavities such as air-intakes.

The Efield® waveguide modesolver can handle

  • TE, TM and TEM modes for general shaped homogeneous ports
  • Analytical for rectangular, circular and coaxial ports
  • Hybrid modes for general shaped inhomogeneous ports
  • Modes used as ABC’s in an RCS simulation

RCS of geometries with cavities

The Efield® waveguide modesolver is used in a tool for computing the radar cross-section (RCS) of geometries with large open-ended cavities. The problem is decomposed into an exterior and an interior problem, the cavity, which are treated independently of each other.
RCS simulation of a cylinder structure with cavity<
Figure 1:  RCS simulation of a cylinder structure with cavity

Circular waveguide modes

Mode pattern in a jet fighter air intake