Microwave & RF components design with Efield®

Efield® is the industrial competitive software for S-parameter extraction, and 3D electromagnetic field simulation of high-frequency and high-speed components. Engineers can rely on the accuracy, capacity, and performance of Efield® to design on-chip embedded passives, IC packages, PCB interconnects, antennas, RF/microwave components, and biomedical devices.

Using Efield® solver tools such as the Efield® frequency domain MoM solver or the Efield® time domain FDTD-FEM solver most microwave and RF components can be analysed efficient and with good accuracy. Both solvers ensures an accurate representation of the geometry with body conforming meshing which is the most important feature for achieving accurate results for these applications.

Microwave & RF components design examples with Efield®

Simulation of large structures of on-chip embedded passives

Efield® is particularly suitable for very large structures of on-chip embedded passives.
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Simulation of waveguide cavity filters

Simulation of a waveguide cavity diplex filter using Efield® FD MoM.
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