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Reflector Antenna with Hat Feed

The Model

The reflector antenna is about 19 wavelengths in diameter. The antenna is excited by a TE11 circular waveguide mode. The antenna is depicted below.

Figure 1: The corrugated sub reflector and the dielectric plug.

Figure 2: The reflector antenna with hat feed.

Figure 3: Cross section showing the reflector, the circular waveguide, the dielectric plug and the corrugated sub-reflector.


Figure 4: Surface currents.
Data for the reflector antenna with hat feed:
  • Reflector diameter 250 mm (18.7 /lambda)
  • MLFMM simulation including PEC and dielectrics
  • The dielectric plug (teflon) /epsilonr = 2.08
  • Port excitation
  • CFIE =0.6
  • SPAI pre-conditioner
  • 180x361 far-field angles
  • Convergence within 130 iterations
Simulation data
22.4 GHz
Total number of triangles
56 700
Total number of MM unknown
87 000
1.3 hours1

1/ 4 parallel processes on an Intel Core i5 quad-core 2.4 GHz processor with 8 Gb RAM

Figure 5: Antenna diagram for E-plane (top) and H-plane (bottom).