EMI/EMC simulation with Efield®

The electromagnetic environment is becoming more and more complex. The EMC problem consists of modelling and understanding the penetration of EM-fields into objects and analyzing the coupling to internal cables or bundles.

The Efield® time-domain FDTD and hybrid FDTD-FEM solvers are superb choices for EMC/EMI analysis enabling broadband modeling.

EMI/EMC simulation examples with Efield®

Lightning effects simulated with Efield®

Lightning is a major threat to any complex system containing sensitive electronic equipment. Simulations are preferably performed in the time domain. Field penetration into the interior of an aircraft and the corresponding induced wire currents are examples of studies that can be performed with Efield®.
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EM interference with Efield®

An important area is unwanted interference with EM fields generated by external and sometimes internal sources. Such fields may propagate as radiation through space or along conducting structures. The frequencies may range from very low (kHz) up to very high (tens of GHz). The penetration mechanisms as well as the test setups can be modeled by Efield®.
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