Numerical simulations in the design phase provide insight without the need for performing expensive measurements on real objects. Virtual prototyping has become a mature and widely adopted approach in engineering, which complements measurements and gives faster time-to-market for advanced products.

Efield® offers simulation capacity for complex electromagnetic phenomena in a number of important areas such as

  • Antenna design All kind of antennas including horn, reflector, wire and microstrip antennas as well as broadband antennas and antenna arrays.

  • Antenna integration Radiation pattern of installed antennas on large platforms such as aircrafts or ships. Coupling between installed antennas.

  • Microwave design Typical applications includes design of filters, connectors and couplers.

  • EMI/EMC interaction Analysis of a wide range of EMC/EMI problems including shielding and coupling problems.

  • Scattering & radar cross-section RCS analysis of structures such as aircrafts, ships, air-intakes, exhausts, and antennas.

Efield® offers a complete and unique integrated software environment for 3D analysis of a wide range of electromagnetic applications.

Efield® has the solution to every stage of the analysis including CAD import of all major formats and fixing and repair of complex CAD models, model buildning, efficient and high quality meshing (Volume meshing using cartesian grids and tetrahedral elements and surface mesh using triangular elements) , unique solver technology in both time- and frequency-domain including full wave solution, approximative as well as novel hybrid techniques, unparalleled execution performance on single PC's or parallel processing on multiprocessor computers or clusters of computers, flexible and high quality post-processing including graphing of results as well as visualization of surface currents, near fields and far fields.

Waveguide simulator

Tapered slot antenna array

Surface currents of UAV at 3GHz